Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stories as they go...

Stories... YAY!

Alright, Gogo story is starting on Feb. 1st (Should be a good time!)

And I'm still following my original schedule BUT... just so you guys can have the addresses, here's the:

Semin story
and the

Godard story



  1. hey, i just want to make sure you are still writing the Billy G. story..."defroking"


  2. haha! Yes... that's a co-story between K and I so... random nights when we're online together we'll be trying to get that up!

  3. yay!! Semin story!!!

    have I told you how much I love you?!?!?!?


  4. cant wait for the Semin story!!!!

  5. haha you're a pretty unreal writer.. and from PEI of all places!
    leave me a message on my blog!

  6. Thank you so much for your kind words, kiddo!
    I love to write, it's an awesome thing. Unfortunately, I have one of the same degrees as you, and I hate it... poor me, I know haha.

    I have several followers, and I edited my page to allow you and others to easily follow my blog! thanks for letting me know!

    I enjoy your stories, I find them quite interesting haha, I've only read a couple though. I like them, they are pretty good! All you have to do now is brainstorm a drama/romance with non-fan characters and sell it to a publisher ;)
    Are you a diehard Penguins or Caps fan?!

    Also, if you ever want any pointers on any story, just email me what you're thinking...


  7. please please please post the sequel to this story!!!!!!! I really want to know where you wanted to go with this storyline because I loved this story

  8. hey, i just read this whole story and was wondering that even though it has been over a year if you could possibly post the sequel to this story. The Colour of Love. I would really like to read the next stage of their relationship, like if they really get married and if they do,kids? Please Please Please post it

  9. Any chance you are writing or still planning to write the colour of love?